Fauxionable Outfit – Houndstooth & Pinstripes

This houndstooth scarf is what I relied on to keep me warm during last week’s Tundra-like weather here in DC. I usually only wear this when it’s really cold as it keeps my neck toasty! To spruce up and add layers to my outfit, I decided to wear my pinstripes vest as well.

Fauxionable Outfit - Houndstooth and Pinstripes, red, black, ivory

Fauxionable Outfit - Houndstooth and Pinstripes Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola PM LV, Hermes Kelly Double Tour, Cartier Trinity Ring, Michael Kors MK5384

For me, the weather in DC has been liken to a pendulum that swings back and forth this Winter. The week before last it was in the 50s and last week was Tundra-like weather with the bitter cold in the 20s or lower! Well, apparently this week on Wednesday it’s going to be in the 60s and then it dips down to the 40s the next day! How bizarre. One week I’m in light sweaters and jackets while the next I’m in my cashmere or thick sweaters and coat to keep warm before the cycle starts again! I’ve seen some people in Spring-like clothing even in the bitter cold and I can’t help but wonder if they feel cold. Do you dress according to the weather? (I most certainly do!)

14 thoughts on “Fauxionable Outfit – Houndstooth & Pinstripes

  1. Kerry

    Love your layering, as always! And your bag is gorgeous!

    We have pendulum swinging weather here, too! The ups and downs can be so tricky when it comes to dressing! xoxo

    1. fauxionista Post author

      Thank you, Kerry. You’re always so kind with your words! 🙂

      Yes, the major fluctuations makes dressing a science! 😉

  2. hellokatie

    I love your outfit and your houndstooth scarf is gorgeous! In L.A. the weather also goes back and forth, but I doubt it is as extreme as DC. Keep warm!

    1. fauxionista Post author

      Thank you! I wonder if it’s just weather patterns this year that’s fluctuating all over…

  3. Fiona McMurdo

    A very tasteful and eye-catching outfit. I have just recently found your blog, and I think you are a great source of fashion inspiration. As I live in New Zealand, I am keeping an eye on the current winter trends, so I know what to expect when winter arrives here. Thanks.

    1. fauxionista Post author

      Hi Fiona, thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂 I hope you’ll continue to stop-by in future. Pls enjoy the Summer in NZ on my behalf!

  4. Sofia

    Fabulous coat! I love your blog.

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